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  • About Us

    New England Materials Testing Lab, LLC is owned and operated by Ali Chaudhary, and Ali Chaudhary has over twelve (12) years of construction materials testing & inspections experience. We are currently located in Manchester, CT.

  • Lab Testing


    • Modified/Standard Proctor (ASTM D1557/ D698)
    • Sieve analysis (ASTM C136)
    • #200 wash (ASTM C 117)
    • LA Abrasion (ASTM C131, C 535)
    • Soundness (ASTM C88)
    • pH ASTM D 4972
    • Atterberg Limits (ASTM D4318)
    • Moisture Content (ASTM D2216)
    • Organic Matter Content ASTM D 2974
    • USCS Classification ASTM D2487
    • Visual Soil Classification (ASTM D2488)
    • Lab Permeability (ASTM D5856 (Constant Head Compaction Mold))
    • Lab Permeability (ASTM D2434 (Falling Head Method)